Snap Dragon Coin Cell Holders

Product Family Overview
Ever since MPD invented the first coin cell holder, we have been reinventing it with newer and newer designs to meet the ever evolving electronics industry. The Snap Dragon is the latest of these, with new features to address increased demands. After the cover has been snapped on, the coin cell is completely locked in, and the Snap Dragon provides an excellent and reliable connection. Shocks, vibrations, and drops do little to dislodge the cell, or even cause intermittent connections. However, the cover can still be removed in a snap, allowing for quick and easy battery replacements. The LCP base is fully tolerant of high temperature reflow soldering processes, while the polypropylene cover is strong, and flexible enough to allow many battery replacements without any issues. Amazingly, the Snap Dragon holders are able to provide all of these benefits while keeping a vew low profile, typically adding only 1 mm of total height to the height of the coin cell battery above the PCB.
Patented Technology

Snap Dragon coin cell holders are the composite of a cover and a base, which together hold a cell.

Although we already have the most robust patent portfolio of battery holder technologies in the world, we are always finding new additions for it. The Snap Dragon is currently a patented technology and is the newest addition!
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